Revised 11/03/02 Hunt Hollow

Self Evac. Training

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  Place strap around your body, Make sure the seam of the belt is on the upper strap and in the middle of your back


Reach between you legs and grab the lower strap, pull it up between your legs to meet the other ends of the strap. Loop the ends of the strap through the loop coming up between the legs Hook the  carabiner down through the three loops of the strap
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Place the life line over the "J" bar of the chair


Make sure that both ends of the line reach the ground.   Loop the life line through the figure 8 as shown making sure that the line comes under the figure 8 (note, this is the looping for a right handed person)

Connect the figure 8 to the carabiner and make sure that the carabiner is locked Loop the line under your leg to insure maximum friction and control
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  Bring the free end of the line up to the load end


Take up all slack and boost yourself out of the chair Control your decent by lifting or lowering your leg and hand