Last updated 12/26/2010

Taffy's Pictures

The Family, 11 days old!  


About 3 weeks! 


  About 4 weeks! 
The day we picked him!!!


Lucy, Taffy's Mom


Little Man Tate, Taffy's Dad





  July 11, 2010    

  On the ride home




Fun in the yard!!!


First Meal




  First nap    






  I do a lot of just laying around    
    July 13, 2010    
Saying my prayers




I can be a puppy scarf, I just love my Mommy
    July 19, 2010    




  My buddy Heggie is almost as big as I am    




    July 25, 2010    
I just love a nice bath






      Stop with the pictures already
    August 8, 2010    




    August 21, 2010

After my first grooming

I am just so cute


What's happening over there?




  Should I? Maybe not, that is pretty high  
    September 6, 2010    
Who says dogs can't smile!


      Again with the picture!!!!
  All these pictures make me soooo tired. A nice nap on my daddy's lap.  


    September 6, 2010 a trip to the vet    
  I like my vet, she has great treats, but she loves to stick me with a needle.  


    December 11, 2010    




    December 26, 2010 - January 2, 2010