Revised 7/06/09
Progress on the new shed


Previous Wish I had pictures from the teardown, amazing that 3 people can tear down a shed in 1.5 hours.




Sunday 6/7/09

Would have loved to have put all the OSB on the side walls, but, it would have been too heavy for one person to lift. Gotta keep the opening blocked since it goes right into the pool      






Monday 6/8/09



  All the walls are in.    


Friday 6/12/09



  Took the day off, it is a lot of fun to put up the rafters and ridge board alone.    


  Still have the wings on the yard side, just thinking of those '50's vintage cars    


Sunday 6/14/09



      First door in, now the pool is easily locked off.




Tuesday 6/16/09



  Almost have it covered, and the wings are gone    






Friday 6/19/09

Not a door, but keeps the weather out.     Finally got a tarp on the roof there has been way too much rain for my liking  




Sunday 6/21/09





  Getting the fascia and soffits ready for the roofing.    




Tuesday 6/23/09

Door number 2 and what a door!


      Starting to "knock tin" and cover the fascia.




Friday 6/26/09



      Getting some of the electric ready.


Saturday 6/27/09



  Roofing day!!!    
How did this picture get here, that is not a shed! Guess I just wanted to show off Tom's new paint job.        


  And a nice roof it is!!    






Sunday 6/28/09



  Moved the fence posts, and got the power back on.  




Monday 6/29/09

Got rained out and could not quite finish the soffits.




Tuesday 6/30/09







  The Soffits and overhangs are done, ready to think about how you install siding. (should be a good learning experience)

BTW, that board on the fascia is just to protect it from the ladder, it will come off soon.



Wednesday 7/1/09

Putting up siding is really not that difficult. This went up in less than two hours.     Doors are ready for siding.  





Thursday 7/2/09







Friday 7/3/09





Saturday 7/4/09

How did that sneak in there?






Sunday 7/5/09





Monday 7/6/09


except for a little cleanup.

Need to decide about a step on the yard side. Other than that the outside is done.




  Continuing to work on organizing the stuff!