Revised 09/17/04

September 17, 2004

The 32 Little Pua’s

Sonja/Ginny     Connie/Sue       Scott       Lori/Kathy

Once upon a time, in a little hamlet by the pond in Maui-Rochester called Pulehu (a.k.a Henrietta), there lived 32 little pua'a (a.k.a engineers but for the sake of this story, we will only have 7). Two were some sort of brown  - 1 pure and 1 with a tan (Sonja/Ginny), Two almost reddish in color (Connie/Sue), one was white with curly brown hair (Scott), and the last two with black hair with streaks (Lori/Kathy).

One Friday morning as daylight came, the Mama pua'a (Kathy) and Papa pua'a (Chris) got up and started to grin and told the baby pua'a that they were going to a meeting and they should stay close to home.  As soon as their parents left, all hell broke loose and they decided swim in the pond.

It was such a beautiful morning all the birds were out chirping and everything was so peaceful.   Some pua’s sniffed the food while others walked through the water.   As they approached the CRMT pond, they saw a light airy pua by the name of Larry under the tree.  They asked him to join in on the fun.

All the pua’s started to cry because they knew that Sept 28th was fast approaching and they will no longer be able to play in the pond.  The pua’s blew one last kiss at the building thinking of all the fun times they shared: the smiles and the tears, the feasts and frolics.

So Aloha building 834, we thank you for having us.  Now it is time for building 801 to endure the fun of the 32 little pua’s. 


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Kathy's view of the pond